There is always something to do

There is always something to do
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Also located on the grounds is Restaurang Solviken, serving everything from pizza to filet mignon on the menu. The restaurant is open March - November, but is also available at other times for group bookings. You'll be treated to live bands, karaoke evenings, dance friendly music, After Beach, jazz evenings, etc.

After Beach to everyone's taste

Start off at the After Beach and enjoy a sing along on the restaurant terrace. You will quickly learn which songs are your favourite. In the evening a number of artists will perform live and later on there will be dance music. We guarantee that there is something for everyone and that you are in for a good night!

Breakfast at Poolviken

Café Poolviken is located in connection to the pool and is open May to September. On the menu are dishes such as pie, pasta, salad, hamburger, ice cream as well as a buffet some evenings during the week. In addition we offer breakfast daily throughout the year at Poolviken.
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